The United States was about philanthropy even before it was a nation.  In 1643 Harvard University conducted what is now believed to be America’s first recorded fund drive.  It raised 500 pounds and was thought a “great success”.  During the early 1700’s, Benjamin Franklin and fifty friends started the Library Company of Philadelphia, the country’s first circulation library, so that people of moderate means could better themselves through reading.  Franklin also launched the American Philosophical Society, the first learned society in America.  In the course of the twentieth century, over 200 members of the Society have received the Nobel Prize. 

Alexis De Tocqueville wrote about American generosity, having witnessed it up close as he travelled through the young nation. He was fascinated with American commitment to philanthropy.  As in so many areas of American exceptionalism, US philanthropy has been a model for other countries.  Americans annually give over $300 billion to fund the activities of nonprofit organizations that address initiatives and needs across the spectrum of American life. These are vital to our country’s health.  76% of all giving comes from individuals who participate in the mission and vision of the organizations that serve others. 

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All of Mary's work is done with this same care as if it was her own business. Her attention to details and tireless effort is only a few of the reasons she is the best I have ever worked with.

Gary N. Solomon
Chairman, Crescent Bank & Trust